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Our Core Values
CCS Core Values

• Parental Authority - Supporting parents in their responsibility for educating their children.

• Creative Thinking - Uncovering and developing the creative abilities, talents, and gifts of each student so that he or she may continue to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ.

• Critical Thinking - Helping students learn to evaluate culture and ideas from a uniquely biblical world view.

• Christ-centered Relationships - Encouraging students to develop relationships built upon trust, respect, and appreciation.

• Faith Development - Offering learning experiences appropriate for diverse learning styles, all while helping students in their journey of faith at each level of development.

• Accessibility - Providing affordable Christian schooling, accessible to families as a means of evangelizing, nurturing, and discipling children for a life of service to God and society.

• Sensitivity - Insuring that the teaching/learning process in our school reflects a Christ-like sensitivity, relevant to our denominationally and culturally diverse community.

• Academic Excellence - Employing qualified Christian Educators who maintain high personal and professional standards in the course of their duties.

• Professional Assessment - Maintaining a plan of consistent evaluation and assessment for continuous improvement, in the classroom, in the administration, and in the organization.

• Teacher/Staff Development - Providing professional resources and training, vital for the development and growth of Christian educators and staff.

• Networking - Cooperating with other appropriate individuals, agencies, ministries, and organizations in providing programs, materials and services to enhance the education of the students.


To serve as an outreach of Christian Center Ministries in the making of disciples in this community by helping students, parents, and families live out the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of life.


To assist the parents of our community in educating their children within a safe, nurturing, loving, and distinctively Christian environment through which they come to understand all of life (and learning) from a uniquely biblical world and life view.

Uniform Policy

Christian Center School employs a standard uniform for all grade levels. Students have been wearing uniforms for many years and the school has enjoyed an atmosphere of order and appearance. Students are less tempted to exclude those who don’t dress "a certain way" or buy a particular brand. The distractions that clothing may bring to the students through an ungodly view of what is appropriate is reduced by a solid uniform policy and dress code. Our 1st through 8th grade students have a Chapel uniform which is worn on Wednesday and on other special occasions. We also have a summer and winter PE uniform for 1st through 8th grade.