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Christian Center School SUPPLY LISTS - 2014/15
Consumable supplies should be replenished when requested. Please label all school items with students first and last name. In addition to a large backpack and lunch box, your child will need the items listed in the 2013-2014 Supply Lists.

Christian Center School Dress Code - 2014/15
Information on where you can purchase uniforms and what the dress code is for Pre-K through 3rd grade.

Christian Center School Medication Form
In compliance with the new Virginia regulations, in order to administer prescription or over the counter medication, CCS will need this form completed in full and signed by a parent or legal guardian. Medication must be provided by the parents in the original package with the child's first and last name clearly labeled. See the form for more information or call the school office.

Christian Center School Bible Scope & Sequence
All teaching materials are carefully selected based on Christian principles and how well they educate students to be productive Christians in today’s and tomorrow's world. We also use additional materials to encourage students to think critically and creatively by exploration, examination, and imagination. Each teacher builds in time for creativity, fun, and field trips which enhance our CCS curriculum. For other curriculum lists, please visit our Academic Program page.

Get Involved in PTSF...

PTSF Members:

Ingrid Campbell

Clarsha Frederick

Melody Kalivretenos

Pea Johnson

Charlette McInnis

PTSF stands for Parent Teacher Student Fellowship!

At Christian Center School, PTSF is an excellent opportunity to be a part of your child's education in a unique way. Get involved in PTSF and get acquainted with other parents, teachers, and students.

Learn more about Christian Center School's Parent Teacher Student Fellowship (PTSF), how you can become a part of it and much more! We look forward to seeing you there.

The objective and purpose of PTSF is to:

  • Provide a forum for parents, teachers, students and administrators to communicate ideas regarding Christian Center School.
  • Develop a home/school relationship where parents, teachers, students and administrators cooperate to further the education of the students.
  • Provide for Christian fellowship and social contacts among parents, teachers, students and administrators.
  • Participate in fund-raising activities in a secondary rather than a primary role.

PTSF Vision Statement:

To assist Christian Center School’s parents and teachers in meeting student’s educational needs in order to prepare them to fulfill God’s plan for their future.

PTSF Mission Statement:

In Christian wisdom and love, participate in school-related activities that will promote growth and unity between the parents, teachers, and students at Christian Center School.

PTSF Critical Tasks:

  • Support CCS parents, teachers, and students with daily prayer
  • Support CCS teachers in classroom activities
  • Support established CCS fundraisers
  • Conduct teacher appreciation activities
  • Conduct CCS parent, teacher, and student fellowship activities